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TitleBenchtop Multimeter(GDM-8342/8341)2021-02-19 17:43:51
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Benchtop Multimeter



43/4 Digit dual measurement multimeter
50,000 count, VFD display
0.02% DCV Basic Accuracy
Dual measurement/Dual display
Automatic range setting
2 line resistance measurement
Max. 10A current range
VFD Display
40 Readings/s Max. Measurement speed (When measuring DCV)
True RMS(AC, AC+DC) measurement
AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, AC+DC voltage/current,2W resistance,
Continuity, Diode, Frequency, and capacitance measurement functions
Temperature measurement function(GDM-8342/8342G)
Max/Min, REL, Compare, Hold, dB, dBm, Math(MX+B, %, 1/X) assisted measurement function
PC control/logging software(EXCEL ADDIN)
USB flash disk logging function(GDM-8342/8342G)
USB, GPIB (GDM-8342G) interfac


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