TitleAutomation System Simulation(Automation Studio)2021-02-04 14:58:11
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Automation System Simulation 

Automation Studio



Providing of Perfect, Economic and Effective Automation System Implementation as the Best Tool for Learning of

  Automation Technologies such as Pneumatic, Flow Pressure, Electric, Electronic Control, etc.

Various Types of Circuit Design & Analysis are Performed Autonomically due to Simple Use Method. Improvement 

  of Individual Ability by Introducing Stepwise Learning Program that Fits to Trainees.

Realtime Analysis of System Operational Characteristics According to Parameter Changes Using Designing of 

  Control Circuit that is Applied to Actual Environment, Analysis & Verification through Simulation, Built-in

  Voltage & Current meters and Floating Function

Unique Software Absolutely Required for Site Educational System Focusing on Hands-on Works Applied in 

  Actual Industry, System Engineering, Maintenance & Repair, Training.


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