TitlePLM Virtual Process Simulation(S-Prodis)2021-02-04 14:47:05
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PLM Virtual Process Simulation 




It is a simulation solution of smart virtual processes that converts the existing process or the newly designed process

  into vir tual reality for simulations that utilizes the resources (facilities, workers, etc.) and analyzes bottlenecks, 

  layouts, loading capacities and non-operations so that the productivity is improved, and such operational 

  improvement measures as cost savings and inventory reductions can be applied to work sites.

The program is in the form of module so that it only takes a simple layout and a flow chart

  to make a production without coding.

Based on the production plan written by the person in charge of work in the field, the improved 

  layout and production plan can be provided to the work site after simulation and analysis.

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