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TitleEmergency Equipment Trainer (EST-6700)2020-09-25 17:10:20
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Emergency Equipment Trainer 




• The SRF type receiver monitors and controls disaster prevention facilities such as detectors
  and transmitters, fire hydrants, smoke control facilities, and gas leakage alarm facilities up to
  2,540 times (order type 10,160 circuits) and the SFR type receiver is an intelligent GR type 
  hybrid receiver that can monitor and control up to 31,496 Addressable devices (repeater, analog
  detectors, etc.) by connecting 31 FTM1.8A relay panels and M-net.
• the system which alarms to the related party and immediately automatically informs the fire 
  break out to the jurisdiction fire department and performed
• The SRF system is currently installed in 3,500 domestic sites and is operated
• Pre-Alarm function, Loop Back function, ground failure notification function, easy alarm, check the status of failure
 Large 15-inch color LCD Touch Panel monitor integrated
 Receiver program upgrade support and building system floor plan display function
• Four embedded repeaters are devices that relay the SRF type reception input and output signals, and
   these 4 repeaters analyze the signal of the H.L of the receiver and transmit/receive data.
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