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TitleElectric Power Electronic Trainer (EST-3052)2020-09-23 17:06:57
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Power Electronic Trainer 




One-stop power electronic practice
Basic circuit practice and application circuit practice in the field of electric power electronic
LC Meter, Digital Multi Meter, Digital Oscilloscope, Function Generator, etc. are all built in and can be
   practiced independently without additional equipment.
Real circuit configuration practice through breadboard
Expanding practice by additionally constructing DIODE, SCR, TRAIC&SSR, TR, FET, IGBT, BUCK/BOOST practice module

Power separation type system configuration
DC Power supply is composed of 0 ~ 30V variable type 2 channels from which power is separated, and it
   is possible to experiment with characteristics of various IC devices.
AC(single/three-phase)power supply is provided, Y-wiring and △-wiring practice using AC 3 phase,
   and unbalanced-wiring practice by varying the singlephase amplitude
The gate control practice of power device using 6Ch PWM signal
The gate driver receives 6 independent PWM signals and controls TR, FET, IGBT, etc. to control DC, 3-phase,
   BLDC motor, etc.




Diode characteristic experiment
Zener diode characteristic experiment
Single-phase half-wave/full-wave rectification experiment
3-phase half-wave/full-wave rectification experiment
Rectifier filter circuit experiment
Constant voltage circuit experiment
SCR characteristic experiment
Single-phase half wave/full-wave phase experiment
3-phase half-wave/full-wave phase experiment
TRAIC characteristics experiment
TRAIC AC phase control experiment
SSR circuit design experiment
Transistor characteristic experiment
Transistor bias amplification experiment
Transistor switching circuit experiment
DC motor control circuit experiment using transistor
Buck/Boost converter experiment using transistor
FET characteristic experiment
FET switching circuit experiment
Experiment of 3-phase motor control circuit using FET
IGBT characteristic experiment
IGBT switching circuit experiment
Experiment of BLDC motor control circuit using IGBT

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