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Big Data Trainer 




• An analysis of the Big Data of the Core Technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 

- Configure to practice of various data analysis tools from the basic concept of big data gradationally
- Provide a practical environment to build clusters and quickly analyze large data using the open platform Hadoop
- Provide a curriculum that allows you to practice the functions of the Hadoop Eco System (Hive, HBase, Zookeeper, etc.)

 • Big Data Practice based on Open Source

Provide detailed guides for installing and testing essential programs necessary for big data analysis 
  such as open source-based Hadoop and Python from the installation of the operating system (Linux)

-Configure Hadoop clusters that can collect data from the data source and store it stably in the 
 Hadoop file system

RDBMS interworking function practice that loads data into Hadoop or saves the processing result in RDBMS

Loading data stored in Hadoop clusters using R and Hadoop to practice various visualization techniques of R







[Big Data Outline]

• Big Data Concepts and Characteristics
• Big Data Application Cases

[Building a Hadoop cluster]

• Hadoop Overview and Features
 Hadoop System Structure
 Installing the operating system (OS)
 Save, inquire, and delete Hadoop cluster data

[R for data analysis and visualization]

• Installation and configuration of RStudio
• Rprogramming foundation
• Install and set up Rhadoop for Hadoop
• cluster interlocking

[Structured Data Analysis and Visualization]

• Time analysis and visualization using R
• Distribution analysis and visualization using R
• Relationship analysis and visualization using R
• Comparative analysis and visualization using R
• Spatial analysis and visualization using R

[Unstructured Data Analysis and Visualization]

• Understanding and installing test mining packages
• Analyzing and visualizing word frequency using R
• Word relation analysis and visualization using R
• A word emotion analysis and visualization using R

[Supercomputer Practice]

• Supercomputer overview
• Supercomputer practice environment configuration
 Comparison of the processing speed of
  supercomputers using distributed processing
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