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Artificial Intelligence(AI) Trainer  




Effective AI Practice Curriculum

A curriculum is designed to enable students to easily
  learn the concept of artificial intelligence, experience
  various types of artificial intelligence algorithms, and
  practice artificial intelligence using direct learning data

Artificial Intelligence(AI) Service Development

By experiencing and practicing the concept of artificial intelligence used in everyday life, it is possible to
 develop and implement creative artificial intelligence service based on the understanding of the process and
 algorithm of artificial intelligence

Learning various kinds of artificial intelligence algorithms repeatedly, learning the step-by-step and systematic
 artificial intelligence development processes such as learning data production, algorithm learning, and
 learning model generation.

Basic training of artificial intelligence programs such as place holder, variable, linear regression model
 implementation through TensorFlow basic programming is possible

MNIST, CNN, GAN, RNN, and other artificial intelligence
 algorithms can be practiced







[Artificial Intelligence Technology Overview]

• Artificial Intelligence overview
• Artificial Intelligence algorithm types
• Application case of Artificial Intelligence

[Experiencing Artificial Intelligence]

• The structure of the training equipment
• Construction of a practice environment
 Classification algorithms experience
     Animal classification

 Fruit/vegetable classification

 Classification of flower types

 Rock/paper/scissors classification

 Defective/Good product classification


Location Detection Algorithms Experience

 Dog and cat detection

 Human detection

 CCTV surveillance system

 Detection of the Autonomous Vehicle Front Object

[Artificial Intelligence Learning]

- Creating learning data
- Learning artificial intelligence using data
- Create a learning model
- Comparison of results according to learning volume

[Artificial Intelligence Utilization]

- Construction of a practical environment
- Device interworking using a classification algorithm
- Device interlocking using location detection algorithm

[Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Implementatio]

- Installing TensorFlow
- TensorFlow Basic Programming
- Tensor and Graph
- Placeholder and variables
- Implementation of the linear regression model
- Implementation of TensorFlow neural network
- TensorFlow learning model and tensor board utilization
     - CNN
     - Autoencoder
     - GAN
     - RNN
     - Inception
     - DQN
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