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Drone Trainer




Safe and Ideal Practice Environment through Gym Ball-Type Drone
 •3D gyroscope instruments are provided to ensure safe and efficient drone flight practice inside the laboratory
 •The quadcopter drone is mounted, so that the height, moving direction, and rotation control practice of the
     drone is possible according to the control speed of 4 propellers.
 •Quadcopter drone provides PID precision control exercise contents using BLDC motor and ESC
 •The gym ball-type drone is detachable and can be programmed and calibrated in safety in the instrument
     and flown outdoors
 •A safe gym ball-type structure, which can be used in various ways such as drone soccer, drone racing, etc.

Step-by-Step Learning Contents
 •PID control of the one-axis training module enables drone posture control and drone flight programming education
     through up and down the operation of both ARMs
 •A quadcopter drone flight training using 1-axis training module flight and RC controller using BLUETOOTH communication
 •A debugging practice through Arduino programming practice, PID precision control practice of 1-axis/3-
     axis drone motor using safety equipment, and practical learning contents from outside flight practice


v 1-Axis Horizontal Module Control (PID Control Use)


1-Axis Horizontal Module Control (PID Control Use)


[ Drone Basic ]

 Drone application training equipment

 Equipment introduction and Environment construction

 LED control

 Acceleration/gyro sensor monitoring

 Acceleration/gyro sensor filtering

 Monitoring using MultiWii

 Precautions when using drone

 PWM control of BLDC motor of drone

 PID control understanding of drone

 Monitoring of motor output correction value using PID control

 Drone motor control according to the direction of movement

 Drone motor control according to rotation and altitude

 Implementation of hovering function of drone

 Set for drone flight

 Basic motion control using RC controller

 Drone altitude and rotation control using RC controller

 •Drone application control using RC controller 

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