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Drone Control Trainer 






Based on the assembly drawings provided, it is possible to practice race drones assembly. Through the above
  practice, it identifies the functions of drone components and cultivates maintenance capabilities

Drone fitting ability cultivation such as various sensor va lue setting, and PWM precision control of BLDC motor fo r flight practice

Use safety equipment with emergency stop switches for sufficient fitting and safe flight practice before an external flight

The risk of the drone damage and safety of learner are secured through the safety equipment, and the ideal
   practice environment of the flight practice and drone fitting is established through the optimal design of the
   structure fixing the safety equipment and drone

Understanding the functions and principles of dronecomponents through assembly, Debugging practice 
   through Arduino programming practice, PID/PWM precision control practice of 1-axis/3-axis drone motor
   using safety equipment, and external flight practiceare composed of step by step and practical learning





                                  < Quadcopter & Controller >                                      < 1axis Drone module >                 


v  Arduino IDE (Arduino Program)

v  CooCox ColDE (Cortex Program)


v  PC Software

  Android App




 [Dron Foundation]

  Introduction to Drone Practice Equipment

  LED control

  Accelerated/Gyro Sensor Monitoring

  Accelerated/Gyro Sensor


  •Monitoring using MultiWii Notes on drone use

 [1-axis drone control]

  Motor PWM Control of a one-axis drone

  Rotation of a one-axis drone motor using PID control

  One-axis drone control using PID control

  Construction of Application-use environment

  Drone control using smartphone

  [3 Axis Drone Control]

  Control of motor PWM of three-axis drones

  Control of the three-axis drone motor according to the direction of movement

  Control of the 3-axis drone motor according to rotation and altitude

  Rotation of a three-axis drone motor using PID control

  3-axis drone control using PID control

  •Binding of RC controller


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