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Drone Basic Trainer




Planar configuration to intuitively identify intensively constructed drone element technologies

Adopting an open source-based microprocessor makes it easy for learners to set drones and practice flight.

Through software, we check the values of various sensors and motors mounted on the drones and learn

  how to set the actual drones safely and repeatedly through simulation

Set up a virtual flight environment and repetitively learn the settings required for the flight of the drones 

  that fit the situation

Drone Control Learning via dedicated AndroidApp registered in Play Store

By connecting App and the training equipment, it is possible to remotely monitor and control with 

  Bluetooth communication

Remote control and monitoring of the camera through Wi-Fi communication


 < Drone Part >    

< Sensor Part >    

< Camera Part >    



v  Arduino IDE (Arduino Program)

v  Androdi App


v  PC Software




Drone definition and configuration

Acceleration/gyro sensor monitoring

Roll and Pitch values monitoring according to Acceleration/Gyro Sensor Values

Geomagnetic sensor monitoring

Temperature/humidity sensor and dust sensor monitoring

Drone position monitoring using GPS

Motor control

Motor control in drone direction

Motor control according to drone rotation and altitude

Motor Control Using PID Control

Drone control using PID control

Drone control using barometer

Application execution and setting using Bluetooth

Drone remote monitoring and control (Bluetooth, Android App)

Drone camera remote monitoring (Wi-Fi, Android App)


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