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Automotive Basic Electrical / Electronic Trainer





It is composed of the part Relay(4 pin / 5 pin) and Lamp(2 kinds) used in the real car and it can 
 practice  with the realistic feeling

2Ch Oscilloscope, Multi-Meta, LC Meta, Function Generator, AC/DC Power Supply is embedded 
 and sufficient practice available without a separate measuring device

Convenient confirmation of measurement value ofcomprehensive measuring instrument through 
 2.8-inch TFT LCD

Measurement of oscilloscope waveforms (sine wave. triangle wave, square wave) using PC software

Supply of DC +5V, ±12V fixed voltage and 2Ch DC variable power supply, and AC 12V (500mA) fixed voltage

Convenient confirmation of measurement value of comprehensive measuring instrument through 2.8-inch

Measurement of oscilloscope waveforms (sine wave. triangle wave, square wave) using PC software


v  PC Software




Chap.1 Understanding fundamental knowledge
-Understanding fundamental knowledge
-History and substance of electricity
-Static and dynamic electricity
-Types of electricity, and three elements
-Electricity and waterways, electricity flow
-Direction of electron and current
-Characteristics of Voltage/Current Resistance
-Conductor and semiconductor

Chap.2 Understanding of terms and laws
-Ohm's Law and Kirchhoff’s law
-Loads / Power source and earth / Plus and minus
-Disconnection and short circuit / Open & closed circuit
-Inrush current and electric power
-Frequency and cycle / Duty
-Waveform Types / Analog and digital
-Self-induction action and mutual induction action

Chap.3 Understanding electrical circuit
-Circuit configuration and basic circuit
-Serial circuit / parallel circuit / serial parallel circuit
-Variable resistance circuit
-Series lamp circuit with different capacity
-Voltage distribution switch circuit

Chap.4 Understanding of automotive electronics
-Configuration of automotive power supply
-Battery and generator
-Motor and light bulb
-Type and characteristics of automobile power
-Vehicle ground / wire / circuit protection device
-Fuse and circuit breaker
-Connector and switch
-Relay, coil and electromagnet
-Solenoid and valve
-Heating apparatus

Chap.5 Understanding of electric and electronic material
-Resistor and condenser
-Rectification / generator / light emitting diode
-Field effect transistor
-Light receiving element
-Photo diode and a photo transistor
-CdS and thermistor
-Piezoelectric and hall elements
-Magnetic inductive and thermoelectric elements

Chap.6 Automotive electronics and material
-Understanding Car Sensors
-Temperature detection sensor Pressure detection sensor
-Flow detection sensor
-Rotary number detection sensor
-Position detection sensor
-Gas detection sensor
-Vibration detection sensor

Chap.6 Understanding applied circuits

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