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TitleElectric Vehicle Simulator (IONIQ)2021-02-19 16:52:40
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Electric Vehicle Simulator (IONIQ) 

EST- EV120



Customized education program for the structure and operation method of electric vehicle
Useful educational program for field personnel interested in the development and 
 production of  parts in the field of electric vehicles




Electric vehicle overview
Electric vehicle type
Electric motors for electric vehicles 
Electric vehicle electric flow 
Electric vehicle operation principle 
Battery consumption check during driving 
Electric vehicle components 
Electric vehicle drive motor 
Air-conditioning and heating apparatus 
Check the charge amount when charging the battery 
Generator and AC/DC converter 
Motor control program of electric vehicle 
Motor control program of the electric vehicle 
Acceleration/Deceleration of vehicle, Torque control of motor 
Regenerative braking of the electric vehicle 
Understanding the application range of electric vehicles 
Checking battery consumption during air conditioning and heating operation

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